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Applying Alcohol On Bed Bug Rash Reduces Itching

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Applying Alcohol On Bed Bug Rash Reduces Itching

When you wake up in the morning and find red spots or lumps on your skin, you naturally assume it to be mosquito bites. But you might be mistaken. it might be a bed bug bite. You will find it hard to believe because you have not come across any bed bugs in your house. But actually you will not be able to see them in the mornings be cause they are shy and will be hiding in some safe hole or crack in the ceiling or wall of your house, or even inside switches, behind clocks, in places where you have old boxes or luggage’s stacked, in the attic and most of all on your bed, under your mattress or inside the frames. These tiny, oval, flat, wingless, rusty colored insects are blood sucking insects, very active at night when they come from their hiding to suck human blood.
Applying Alcohol On Bed Bug Rash Reduces Itching

Now you might want to know how to find out if you have been bitten by a mosquito or a bed bug. One difference is that the itching for a mosquito bite starts immediately, while in the case of the bed bug bite, the itching might start after a few hours, or maybe a few days. There is a time lag between the bed bug bite and the symptoms to appear. Another difference is that bed bug bites will produce small lumps which might lead to inflammation. The itchiness of a bug bite will last for days. The bed bite causes swollen rash known as bed bug rash, which is very itchy and lasts for a long time. And the most important difference is the bed bug bites will be seen as three vertical lines, which is known as breakfast, lunch, dinner pattern.
How to Get Bug Bites to Stop Itching

The saliva of the bed bug which is injected into the body while it sucks blood will cause a skin infection called Cimicosis, which causes formation of bed bug rash, which itches very badly and will be inflamed. While you can immediately feel a mosquito bite and notice the symptoms, it is different in the case of bed bugs. The bite is never felt by the victim because the saliva has anesthetist power. Depending on the sensitivity of the skin, the bed bug rash might appear in an hour or in a few days. The rash starts with an itch and it will be visible as a small swollen bump. Bed bug rash looks like an in-line bite mark and the itching. The bed bug rash might last for a day or two and fade away, but sometimes for people with very sensitive skins, the rash last for days and it might require treatment to clear the rash. Since bed bugs multiply quickly, the bed bug rash spreads very fast and quickly.

As soon as you spot a bed bug rash, avoid scratching it as it will only worsen the infection, and wash the area with warm water and antibacterial soap. If you feel itchy, apply calamine which will reduce the itching. Another effective remedy which reduces itching, is applying alcohol on the rash. If there is inflammation, it can be relieved by applying a mixture of baking powder and salt on the affected area.

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