Thursday, December 24, 2015

Bed Bug Checklist

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What You Need To Know About Bed Bugs

AVOIDING BED BUGS ALWAYS wash clothes and luggage on return of vacation.If you’re suspicious, put luggage in plastic bag. Put dirty laundry directly into washer with hottest water. Spray luggage with rubbing alcohol all over.If really suspicious, toss the luggage and everything in it before you bring it in your house, you won’t regret it. Quit using a box spring. The hollow wood framing is ideal for bed bugs. NEVER pick up used furniture from outside and bring it into your home. This is the #1 cause of bed bugs.Schedule regular visits from an exterminator.


eep your bed from touching walls. Bed bugs can live in your walls as well as your mattress.Use a bed with metal legs. Bed bugs can’t climb metal, go figure.Place wooden bed legs in glass jars.Use a vinyl mattress cover that’s “bugproof” to suffocate the bed bugs and avoid the spreadWash every bit of clothing in extremely hot water or send all items to dry cleanerShampoo all rugs and carpetsSpray everything with rubbing alcohol. Rubbing alcohol will kill bed bugs on contact (note: may stain or ruin finish of some items)

DO NOT stay at your friends houses unless you’re sure you’re not bringing the bugs with you!Call an exterminator immediately. Make sure they have dealt with bed bugs before.Most exterminators will offer a free respray within 7 days. Take advantage of this, even if you think they’re gone.Have the exterminator spray your car as well. There’s a good chance the bed bugs got to your car, too.

THE AFTERMATH: Take advantage of a free respray. Again, this is an important factor in exterminator selection.

DO NOT unzip your mattress cover. Best to just get a new mattress if you can afford it.Make sure everything “contaminated” has been washed on hot cycle. Anything that hasn’t been washed, bag it.Have items you can’t wash? Be safe, trash them.Don’t want to trash them? Don’t say I didn’t tell you so, but bag them airtight for several months until all bugs have died from lack of feeding.(Do you really want those items THAT bad?)

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