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Bed Bug Symptoms Are Different From Mosquito’s

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Bed Bug Symptoms Are Different From Mosquito’s
Some people are not even aware of bed bugs in their house. This is mainly because they have not been infected by the bed bug bites and also because the bed bugs are never seen out crawling in the morning as they are active and come out of their hides only in the night when everybody is sleeping. The bed bugs are vampires, because they suck human blood. Most often bed bug bites are mistaken for mosquito bites and it is only when the rash appears with severe itching, that that lasts for days, do people realize that it is not a mosquito bite but a bed bug bite.

Bed bugs usually hitchhike a ride in some luggage, and reach your house, when you or anybody in your house travel and stay in some motel or hotel which is infested with these bugs, and reach your house. There, they multiply when a female bug lays around 300-500 eggs which hatch in around ten days, and soon these babies become fully grown adults living on human blood. if someone in your family gets bitten by a bed bug, then you have to first confirm that there are bed bugs in your house by looking for bed bug symptoms and warnings to prove that these little bugs have invaded your house and once it has been confirmed, you have to get into action immediately to eradicate it.
Now lets see what kind of bed bug symptoms you have to look for to know if your house has been infested with these vampires.

Mosquito vs Bed Bugs

First of all if you find a different odor in your room which is new and distinct, then beware, because there might be quite a number of these bugs in your room. It is a sweet, musty smell, released from the scent glands of the bed bugs. Now this is a warning signal for you to become alert.

If you see a bite on your skin one day, check out if there is bites everyday. If you are getting bit every time you sleep, well, then you are sure to find bed bugs under your mattress. How do these little creatures know you are sleeping? By sensing the carbon dioxide that you exhale while you sleep. This carbon dioxide attracts the bed bugs, who immediately start their blood sucking job. You won’t even know that they sucking your blood because the saliva which the bed bugs inject into your skin while sucking blood your blood, is both anesthetic to numb the pain as it bites and is anti-coagulant, to prevent clotting of blood while it drinks.

The locations of the bites are also bed bug symptoms to identify that there are bed bugs in your house. If there are multiple bites on your face, arms, hand and neck, you can be assured of bed bugs in your house. Red spots of bed bug excrement seen on your bed sheets are also bed bug symptoms.
If you find these symptoms, you have to thoroughly check your house for these bugs and try to eradicate them as soon as possible through natural remedies, pesticides or hot and cold treatments.

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