Friday, December 25, 2015

Bed bug treatment with steam

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As night arrives, and when you sleep, there might be a small, flat reddish brown, wingless creature crawling over you and drinking your blood. Well, I am not talking about about Dracula’s, but a small insect called the bed bug, which belongs to the Cimicidae family and lives on your blood.

These creatures are very active in the night, and that is when they come out of their hide-outs to attack you. But that does not mean that they drink your blood every night, maybe once in ten days or so, and the wonder of it is that it can live without blood for even a year. If you find that your house is infested by these bed bug’s, you have to immediately eradicate them with bed bug treatment.
Bed bug does not live only in your bed. These bugs can live in any part of your house;in the mattresses, bed frames, inside tiny cracks, in clothes, in sleeping bags, in your furniture’s, carpets, in item’s stored under your bed, in cardboard stacks, in the attic, behind wall paper, places where your luggage is stores, clocks and pictures, in-between the glass and frames etc as these creatures are tiny and flat, they can squeeze into any small crack. So each and every corner and cracks in your house should be treated with bed bug treatment.

The bed bugs usually enters your home through a person’s luggage or clothes when he comes for an invested area and then lives there multiplying. The bugs pierce your skin with its two hollow tubes, drinking blood through one and injecting saliva through another and this saliva can cause allergic reaction on your skin. Bed bug bite might look like a mosquito bite and it cannot be diagnosed easily. Usually there are raised bumps on your skin, which can be itchy.

Bed bug treatment can be done by yourself at home itself. The treatment starts with a thorough cleaning of the house. Throwaway all the unnecessary extra boxes and other stuffs which has been stacked in your house and under your bed. Remove all the pillow covers, mattresses, rugs, clothes, curtains, cushion covers etc and put them in hot water. Close all cracks and holes where bugs are likely to live. Vacuum every nook and corner of your house. pour alcohol in a spray bottle and spray it on your furniture and bed. Make sure you spray on the folds and seams of the beds and furniture. You should dismantle your bed and spray the alcohol. put a plastic covering for your mattress. The bed bug treatment should be done at least once a week, for sometime till these bugs are eradicated.Steam cleaning also helps to to eliminate bed bug. But remember that the steam should be more than 113 degree. Use a chemical spray to bring out the bugs and then kill it by steaming. once you have steam cleaned, make sure that the bugs are gone and keep you house always

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