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Bed bugs Images Collection - Helping you detect them

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Bed bugs Images Collection 

Sometimes we confuse Bed bugs with other insects. That is why today we sum up the image of Bed bugs so that you can see through and be Bed bugs bite prevention.

Bed bugs do not attach themselves to their host. Instead, they feed in brief intervals and then go back into hiding. Therefore, bite marks and telltale stains are powerful clues in identifying the presence of bed bugs. Pictures of bed bug bites are helpful in this process.
Bedbugs Images
Bed bug: Cimex lectularius

Do Bedbugs Transmit Diseases?

In recent research, investigators reviewed 53 studies on bedbugs and their effects. They found that there is little evidence to suggest that bedbugs spread any human diseases with their bites.

Bed Bug Near Rice & With Eggs
Bed Bug Near Rice & With Eggs

Bed Bug Near Rice & With Eggs

Microfilm Slide of a Bed Bug

Bed Bug on Fabric

Bedbug Under Glass

Waste from Bed Bugs

Bed Bug Rendering: Top, Side & Front Views

Parts of a Bed Bug

An 1860 engraving of parts of a bed bug. A. Intestines.—B. Antenna of the Male.—C Eye.—D. Haustellum, or Sucker, closed.—E. Side view of Sucker.—F. Under Part of Head.—G. Under Lip.—GG. Hair of the Tube, and outside Cases.—H. Egg-Bag.—I. Worm emerging from the Eggs

Typical Bedbugs

A bed bug (Cimex lectularius) traumatically inseminates another

Photo Credit: Rickard Ignell, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Bed Bug on Human Skin

Bed Bug Sheds Nymph Skin

Bed bug (4 mm length; 2.5 mm width), shown in a film roll plastic container, on the right is the recently sloughed skin from its nymph stage
Photo Credit: Verslinykas on Wikipedia

Bedbug With Hunger Bubbles

Bedbug With Hunger Bubbles
Photo Credit: Dan Wylie-Sears

Female Bedbug Hiding in a Screw Hole

Female Bedbug Hiding in a Screw Hole

A female bed bug hiding in a screw hole, with eggs.

Photo Credit: Thomas Oldani

SEM of Cimex Lectuaris

Scanning electron micrograph (SEM) of Cimex lectularius, digitally colorized with the insect’s skin-piercing mouthparts highlighted in purple and red.
photo credit: Janice Harney Carr, Center for Disease Control

Bed Bug Sniffing Dog Picture

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