Thursday, December 24, 2015

How to Avoid Bed Bugs?

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Avoid Bed BugsAny environment under 120 degrees Fahrenheit can house bed bugs. It’s best to know how to avoid bed bugs before you get them, because they are VERY difficult to exterminate on your own.Understanding Bed BugsBed bugs are reddish-brown with a  flat, oval body that measures less than a half inch long.  Bed bugs live close to the bed because they like to feed on humans.

how to avoid bed bugs while sleeping

Most people pick them up when traveling, but bed bugs can also be present in a home or apartment complex prior to move in, or can be brought into a complex by new neighbors or those returning from a vacation with bed bugs in their suitcase. You can also pick up bedbugs in public locations, particularly public transportation, movie theaters, and airplanes.Know Where to Find Bed Bugs Before You Get ThemBed bugs are often found where people sleep. Hotels, dormitories, and apartment complexes are common places for bed bugs to live. You should always check the seams of a hotel bed upon check in to a hotel. Make sure there is no black residue or dark brown, blood-colored stains on the mattress or pillows. Look around the bed. Don’t be shy. You do NOT want bed bugs if you don’t already have them. Check the walls, behind the headboards, and in any cracks or crevices you see in an apartment, hotel, or dorm. A thorough inspection is necessary before sleeping in a location you are new to or unsure of.

It’s better to be safe than sorry. Bed bugs like warmth, too, so don’t put it past them to hide in your laptop. Always check your laptop for bedbugs when traveling.If you suspect you picked up bed bugs during travel, inspect luggage and other personal items for bed bugs. Vacuum off luggage and items that cannot be washed. Hand wash other items with hot, soapy water. Use a brush to scrub items,  especially where bugs and eggs may be hiding in the seams and folds.Preventing Bed Bugs From SpreadingIf you have bed bugs, call an exterminator immediately. Don’t wait. In the mean time, cover your mattress with a vinyl cover for at least a year. Seal any openings with tape. You do not need to throw your mattress away, but you need to make sure the bed bugs cannot exit and feed. Cover bed legs with double sided tape or an over the counter “Climb Up” interceptor.

Wash your bedding in the hottest water possibly and dry on high heat. Do the same for pillow. Do not allow your bedding to touch the floor. Vacuum immediately and continue daily. Dispose of vacuum bag contents away from home in a sealed container.Before doing any of this, be sure to call an exterminator immediately. Do research and find an exterminator with references who has dealt with bed bugs before. Some exterminators may suggest you tent your house. Don’t do it. Find an exterminator who has successfully exterminated bed bugs and ask for referrals.

Ask what chemicals they use and find out if they use a residual chemical to prevent future bed bug eggs from hatching. Find out if the exterminator offers a free respray if the bed bugs come back. It’s very common for bed bugs to survive a first spraying, so be sure to ask what happens if the bed bugs do come back.

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