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Extremely effective bed bug treatments for young mothers

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According some expert,  lice is kind of a blood sucking insects on the scalp, causing irritation and discomfort for infants. Mom please apply immediately following ways to treat lice on children.
Children are malnourished, so that parents should take care of protecting their body from insect. They should know clearly about this danger.

What are lice (bed bugs)?

Lice, also known as will, is a parasitic insects that live on the scalp and hair of humans or animal skin. They live by sucking blood of people or animals. Children with lice will feel itchy, often feel uncomfortable, uneasy hair. Many cases can cause scalp infections and hair loss. Lice is very contagious, especially in children who go to school. Lice is a parasitic insects that live on the scalp and hair of the human or animal skin.
The resons children are attacked by bed bugs

The resons children are attacked by bed bugs

There are many reasons leading to this problem, which inlcude:
Baby is not cleaned properly. Baby has lice infected during contact with other kids eing attacked by lice.

In the case of lice infected infants, the mother need early treatment for children. Because lice spread very quickly, if left standing, it will make you extremely uncomfortable, which cause scalp inflammation.

 - Use your fingers to find and capture all lice, lice eggs and kill the lice on the head, then clean the baby bath
 - Clean beds, pillows, cushions, clothing, accessories, toys of baby to avoid lice leftover
 - Check to see if they are in contact with those who seek to eliminate lice for at objects directly infect infant  upon detecting lice head lice that are caught  and every parent should take the child hand in case of fire louse on the head too much, fast delivery and can not catch up, the mother should be applied in the following ways
 - Grind smooth custard apples mixed with a mixture of water the gelatinous and then apply to the hair and scalp, baby, hair incubated for about 30 minutes to kill lice and lice eggs, then wash off with shampoo.
- Wash your hair with shampoo infant baby dedicated mixed with ¼ teaspoon of tea tree oil. Rinse continuously for 1 week
- Apply vinegar all over her head, incubated for about 20 -30 minutes, then wash hair with shampoo.
 - Use mayonnaise baby to massage scalp and hair for 2 hours, then brush and wash hair with shampoo. This is a very effective remedy to eradicate lice.

Method of  lice prevention

- Avoid leaving the head exposed head of the other child because this is the source of infection directly lice, lice will infect
- Do not give your baby share a contagious items tongs with other children like hats, hairpins, scarf
- When your child goes to school, do not let the baby lie with their heads together.

- Check the baby every day to make sure your baby is not infested. 
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