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10 facts about bedbugs

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Bed bugs are a hot topic in the media at present. America are experiencing particular issues with the wee critters and a study conducted at the University of Kentucky suggests that bed bugs are likely to boom world wide.
10 facts about bedbugs
10 facts about bedbugs

I want to use this article as a way of sharing my knowledge of bed bugs in the hope of raising awareness. I have put together a set of 10 bed bug facts to help us all better understand the behaviour and lifestyle of a bedbug.

Bedbugs are approximately a  of an inch long but expand to three times their size after feeding

Bed bugs can lay between one and five eggs per day and over 500 in a lifetime

Bed bugs feed on the blood of human beings but will also suck blood from other animals such as mice
10 facts about bedbugs

Bed bug saliva has an anaesthetic to numb the pain of its bite

Bed bugs hide in cracks in walls, behind wallpaper, base boards and picture frames, in carpet, cracked plaster, between beds and around the creases of mattresses and in bedding materials.

Bed bugs are attracted by both carbon dioxide and warmth

A bed bug infestation

A bed bug infestation is often identifiable by small reddish or brownish spots on your linen.

Bed bugs are not necessarily a sign of unkempt/dirty homes or buildings rather often a result of travelling.

They have a rather pungent odour often described as sickly sweet, which is caused by an oil-like liquid they emit

Bed bugs can go up to a year without feeding

Bed bugs are a difficult pest to prevent and even harder to control. While there are DIY remedies available they are often not effective and will not eliminate the entire infestation. Professional Pest Control companies offer different bed bug control methods, the most effective being Entotherm heat treatment. Bed bugs are a pest that should be taken very seriously and treated immediately to prevent the infestation from growing out of control.

If you believe you have bed bugs in your home or business it is advisable that you contact a professional pest control company for advice and treatment options specific to your environment.

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